KCN Remote Support

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Connect to our Remote Support in 3 easy steps.
  • STEP 1

    CALL (808) 589-0000

    Call the KCN Support
    Speak with a live technician.
    Don’t carry your computersystem
    to a shop. Call us today!

  • STEP 2


    Connect to the KCN Support
    We guide you to our Remote
    Support Link to start a live repair
    session. Even if you cannot
    connect, we can walk you through
    the steps necessary to bypass
    the virus.

  • STEP 3


    Get your system repaired while
    you watch in an hour or two
    instead of several days! Sit
    back and relax while our expert
    support team takes the helm
    and gets you going in no time!


What Remote Support can do for you.

  • • Resolve driver issues
    • Install software
    • Setup data backup services
    • Virus and Spyware removal
  • • Disk cleanup
    • General tune-up
    • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems

Requirements for Remote Support

• High speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, FiOS, etc.)
• Your computer must start
• You must be able to reach the internet from your computer

Our techs can remotely service systems running on Windows Only.

Remote Support is not for every problem. The following issues require In-store service: Internet failure, Hardware failure, System that won't boot, Data recovery

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